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life insurance 101 quiz

Life Insurance Quiz 101

10 random quick, easy life insurance quiz questions to help you unlock how it works by increasing your knowledge.

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Is there specific cover for cancer only, as my family are at a higher risk for this disease?

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What is the general purpose of lump sum disability cover?

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When is the best time to take out Life Cover?

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What would happen if I don’t disclose to the insurer upfront that I once had a heart attack when I was really young?

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I have life cover of R500 000 and I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I have 3 months to live. Is there anyway I can get my life cover money paid to me before I die to settle my debt?

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Can a beneficiary in my will also act as a witness and sign my will?

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What will happen if I stop paying for my life cover premium?

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Do I need to go undergo any medicals or answer any medical questions when taking out life cover?

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What is lump sum servere illness cover?

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If I pay for my policy premiums for 20 years and don’t die, can my Life cover be paid out to me?

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