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Select from our list of tools below to help you assess your needs.

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Here are some tools that will help you better understand your needs.

Inventory Online Form

This tool will assist in ensuring you keep track of every item in your household and including the value of each item in the sum insured amount. The inventory form ensures that you are adequately insured for the correct amounts and will also prevent you from being under or over insured. Please remember if you are under insured, average will be applied which will result in you receiving a lower payout at claim stage.

This calculator will allow you to print out the complete document that you can keep safe. Make sure you update this at least once a year or when you know you have purchased a few expensive assets.

Here is an example to see what document you can get from completing our inventory form.

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Broker Appointment

The biggest myth is that there is no value in having a broker or financial intermediary, this is untrue! You do not pay any extra for using a broker rather than an insurance company. Brokers have extra services that they do offer, however you have a choice of whether you wish to take up these services or not. Having a broker means being considered as a unique individual rather than just a number and we take great pride in ensuring that we can offer you excellent service and a personalised experience.

So become part of our happy family of clients who values our services and expert advise. We are constantly creating a hybrid of online and human interactions. Making working with us a breeze.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator

A life insurance needs calculator (analysis) is the foundation of your financial plan. Unless you have established your needs and goals your plan will be flawed. The first step towards getting your finances in order and being able to meet your financial goals is a properly constructed financial plan. This does not mean sitting down and drawing up a wish list. It means properly analysing your current financial position, your financial needs and wants, and how you plan to achieve your financial goals. 

Insurance 101 Quiz

We have created some quizzes that can test your knowledge and provide a fun interactive way to get informed.

Insurance 201 Quiz

We have created an advanced quiz that can test your knowledge and provide a fun interactive way to get informed.

Life Insurance 101 Quiz

A life insurance quiz that can test your knowledge and give you a new perspective on life insurance. Now is the time to learn something new.

Fun Quiz

Sometime we need to just kick back and let our smile out. Here’s a simple quiz that will try to.

Budgeting Tool

We have created a budget tool that can be used to manage your monthly income and expenses that can be downloaded in microsoft excel.

BMI Calculator

A nifty tool to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Wills, Estates, Trusts

Complete our online will and get make sure your estate dont go intestate.

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