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insurance 201 quiz

Personal Insurance Quiz 201 - Intermediate

10 Intermediate level, random quick, easy home and car insurance quiz questions to help you unlock how it works by increasing your knowledge.

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Why is it important to know about my past insurance and claims when I am taking out insurance?

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What is an additional excess?

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Why does it matter if I have a license or not when taking out insurance, if I am the one who will be paying for the premium?

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What happens if I decide to cancel my vehicle insurance and self insure?

Under insurance is calculated using average. Average is calculated using the below formula:
Average = (Sum Insured Amount) / (Actual Replacement Amount ) x (Claim Amount)
Once you have worked out the average amount you need to minus the excess and it will give you the total amount that an insurer will payout.

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My contents is covered for R100 000 with a basic excess of R2 000. Someone breaks into my house and steals contents to the value of R50 000. I submitted a claim, the insurer advises that I am under insured.

My contents is actually worth R250 000. How much will I be paid out?

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Do I really need to disclose the colour of my vehicle for insurers to calculate my premium?

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What is SASRIA cover?

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What is the function and purpose of insurance?

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Why is it important to disclose true information to insurance companies?

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I have contents and building insurance with A Insurers and I am covered for R1 000 000 for my building and R250 000 for my contents cover.

I have a zero excesses on both covers. After validating my claim due to a fire, I am advised that I am under insured for both my contents and building.

The replacement value for my building is R2 500 000 and my contents is R325 000. How much will I be paid out?

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