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The questions below relate to your general attitude

to investing and your capacity to take risk.

Client Risk Assessment

Risk Questionaire
The questions below relate to your general attitude to investing and your capacity to take risk. It should not be influenced by any particular investment or need you are contemplating.

For the first 18 questions, indicate your level of agreement with each statement by selecting one of the options.

Indicate your preferred options thoughtfully and honestly – there are no right or wrong answers. If you believe a statement is open to interpretation give the response that feels most intuitive to you.

There is no option for ‘don’t know’ – do not use the middle option to mean this.
1. For me, part of investing is experiencing the ups and downs.*
2. I feel stressed when making important financial decisions.*
3. It's important to me to take financial risks.*
4. I believe that I generally take bigger investment risks with my money than other people.*
5. I always overreact to unexpected bad financial news.*
6. I would still consider making risky investments even if I had made significant losses in the past.*
7. I worry about things going wrong with my financial decisions.*
8. To avoid the possibility of losing money on my investments, I would rather not make a financial
9. To get higher long term returns, I'm happy to risk a short term fall in the value of my investments.*
10. Others would say that I like taking risks with my money. *
11. I feel fairly relaxed about uncertainty regarding risky investments.*
12. When I consider the risks of investing I feel quite anxious.*
13. I expect my investments to sometimes go down in value as well as up. *
14. I would be happy to tolerate fluctuations in the value of my investments to get a better return in
the future.*
15. When I make an investment decision I usually feel concerned. *
16. Seeing my investments go up and down in value is part of investing money.*
17. I would get a thrill from making risky investments with my money.*
18. I would accept fluctuations in the value of my investments for the potential to gain a return above
inflation. *
19. What knowledge do you have of investments and the risks they carry?
Indicate the level of your knowledge as limited, average, good or advanced, and provide information to
support this. *
20. What investment experience do you have?
Indicate the level of your experience as minimal, average, strong or extensive, and provide information to
support this. Indicate the extent of your own involvement in investment in the past. *
21. How likely is it that you may need to access a long-term investment?
Do you have an emergency fund? Do you expect to have large cash needs in the near future, e.g. medical
expenses, education expenses, buying a house or starting a business?*
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