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Established in 2012

Level 1 EME B-BBEE Contributor

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What’s in a name

XINIX – A little bit about our name and where it originates from. A palindrome is what it’s called because our name can be spelt the same forwards and backwards. Its significance lies in the true sense of the word “partnership”. We will partner with you and you will partner with us. Through this partnership we will service all your insurance needs. As for its pronunciation, well we believe it’s a matter of choice… your choice… as long as we keep in touch!

Our company addresses the growing demand for an independent financial services company that can provide competitive insurance through a quick and efficient call centre environment. Despite operating in this type of environment, we have managed to exceed our customer experience through maintaining our “personal touch”. When you contact us, be assured your call will be answered by a warm and friendly voice and our staff have been adequately trained to assist with whatever you need.

Not to brag, but you won’t have to go through countless selecting of options before you get to that friendly voice on the other side. We have been carefully building our business with you our client in mind, so we are easily able to scale to the demands of your needs. Our clients deal with us on a first name basis and because of the long-term relationships we have with them, they enjoy professional and efficient service from us. 


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Would you fight a legal battle without a lawyer or manage your company’s finances without an Accountant? So why then purchase insurance without adequate advice?

By using XINIX, you engage the services of a specialist who can save you time, money and give you peace of mind. The knowledge, experience and skills offered by us, is what is required to ensure that you get the best cover. More importantly, XINIX works for you the client, not the insurance company.

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We believe in providing you with good advice at all times. Every purchase you make as a client should be treated as an investment in your happiness. You would not invest in the stock market without being informed on the choices you were making, and the same concept should apply to your insurance cover. Being an informed client provides you and your family with a variety of benefits.

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Whilst the insurance companies offer efficient online services, it is the insurance broker who will offer you the personal touch and will continue to offer this throughout the life time of your policy.

The “after sale” services is often lacking when purchasing policies directly from your insurance companies. Quality service is not optional. We recognize the need to use technology to our advantage, but will never stray away from wowing clients with our “personal touch”.  

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Contrary to popular belief, in most cases, your premiums are lower with insurance brokers than purchasing directly from insurance companies. Insurers are able to offer insurance brokers a reduced premium because they are professionally trained and will ensure their customers are adequately covered. This avoids under insurance and unnecessary claims, while still maintaining the correct premium income.

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We are partnered up with over 15 insurance companies, which means when we do a quote, you will be able to gain access to the most competitive insurance products in the market place. You will have access to the insurance giants in South Africa. Why do you want to speak to a multitude of sales consultants where you have an option to work with one company who does it all for you?

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At XINIX we strive to provide the best service at all times. Our focus on customer centricity is at the core of our services. We constantly assess and evaluate service delivery and make dynamic changes in our processes to be at the fore front of our game. We use innovative ideas and technology to enhance our customer experience.

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We ask you the right questions, negotiate with insurers and ensure that any cover offered to you meets your individual needs. The last thing anyone needs is to pay insurance premiums faithfully, only to be told “sorry you not covered” because someone did not explain the fine print. At XINIX we take extra care to explain to clients what they NOT covered for rather than what you are covered for.




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