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    I am renting where I am staying, is it possible to take out home contents or do I need permission from my landlord?

    The contents cover in your house is owned by you and not your landlord and therefore in order to ensure that you are covered should anything happen to your contents it would be your responsibility to take out content cover.

    I have items in my home that I have for many years and do not have receipts for them like the TV and lounge set. How do I value these items?

    You need to take into the account the amount that you would have paid for the items and see how much you would pay for the exact item in today’s day and age. That would give you an indication of how much you would need to cover these items for.

    I have my vehicle covered; can I add contents cover onto my existing policy?

    Yes you can, in fact adding on cover to your existing insurance policy will assist you in qualifying for a discount on your total premium. It is advisable to add your vehicle, building and contents cover onto one policy.

    I would like to insure my Laptop and cell phone under my home contents, will that be possible?

    Because a laptop and cell phone can be carried out of your home and can be carried anywhere, they would be covered under All Risk cover. All risk cover is abit more expensive as it covers you anywhere in the world.

    What can I do if I do not know what is the sum insured of all my contents?

    We have an inventory form which you can complete, this will assist you in ensuring that every single item that is in your home is accounted for and it will allow you to have a more accurate sum insured amount.

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    What is an excess?

    An excess is the amount that you would pay each and every time you claim from your insurer.

    What is average?

    Average is the amount which the insurer will pay you in the case of you being under insured. For instance if your TV is valued at R15 000 but you have insured it for only R10 000, the insurer will pay you out less than what you insured the TV for. R10 000/ R15 000 * R10 000 /1 = R6 666. The insurer will only pay you R6 666 for the TV as you are under insured.

    What will happen if I am under-insured?

    The consequence of not having the correct replacement value for your contents could result in you being under- insured and the insurer will apply the average rule when you claim. This means that instead of the insurer paying out the correct replacement value, they will only pay out a portion of it depending on the value you were covered for.

    What will home contents cover, cover me for?

    -Fire, Lightning, explosion
    -Damage by acts of nature : Storm, wind, hail, snow, flooding etc
    -Theft /attempted theft cover (Subject to forcible and violent entry)
    -Damage and or impact by falling objects and or trees
    -Accidental/ Malicious damage (limited ,depending on the product)
    -Limited Subsidence and landslide cover (Please be aware that this cover is excluded for mining and industrial areas due to the high risk factor of processes which include the use of explosives)
    -Damage by leaking of oil from oil heaters
    -Damage by bursting, leaking or overflowing of geysers of water apparatus

    What’s home contents insurance?

    Home content is everything in your house that you own. If you could take your house and turn it upside down, all the items that would fall out would form part of house contents cover.

    Will I be covered for load shedding and power surge?

    The insurer will cover you for power surge with a very small limit, should you wish to increase that amount you need to inform us so we can get a quote for you. Please note that power surge cover can also be a bit expensive.

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