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Think you can out smart these life insurance questions??

Hmm, let’s see if you can?

    About you
    XINIX needs to know your occupation because it tells us how much risk you face in your day-to-day life, and knowing these risks help us give you a more accurate quote.

    Feel free to add any questions or notes or best dates or times to contact you so that we can address all your questions when we arrange for a face-to-face or online meeting.

    Do I need to send through invoices or valuation certificates when insuring individual items?

    This is normally required at the claims stage, but it’s not a specific requirement that you send them to us when you take out a policy.

    If I accidently damage my specified item, is it covered?

    Any item for which you buy All Risk Insurance Item cover (i.e. not part of a home contents policy) is covered for accidental damage.

    How much should I insure my valuables for?

    It is important that you insure your valuables for what it would cost you to replace them with the same items today. If you find your item is no longer manufactured, choose the closest model up from that. If you’re still unsure.

    The geyser in my house burst yesterday and caused the house to flood. My microwave and a few other appliances were damaged due to the burst geyser. Will my building insurance policy cover this loss?

    Unfortunately building insurance covers the house and fixtures and fittings, appliances will fall under home contents cover and you would need to take out separate contents cover to be covered for this type of loss.

    Will my fixtures and fittings in the house be covered?

    Yes, fixtures and fittings form part of your home as it is attached and cannot be easily removed.


    What will my premium be for building insurance?

    Your premium is dependent on the type, amount and area of your property as well as your own personal profile. There are no 2 people who could pay the exact same premium as everyone’s profiles are very different. The premiums are fairly competitive than when comparing to car insurance.

    What exactly is covered under building insurance?

    -Your house







    -Swimming pools

    -Tennis courts

    Will my swimming pool be covered under the insurance?

    Yes, swimming pools will be covered under the insurance and in some instances even the swimming pumps is covered as well. It’s just the cleaning equipment for the pool that isn’t covered which can be covered under home contents.

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    If I buy a house, will it be compulsory to take out Building insurance?

    Most banks consider building insurance compulsory when granting you a loan as they need to ensure that in the event of any loss you will be adequately covered.

    How do I valuate my house?

    The most accurate form of valuating your home is to hire a valuator to provide you with an estimate it would cost you to rebuild your home in today’s time. Please take note that you need to ensure you have adequate cover to rebuild your home in today’s time. If it cost you R1 000 000 to build your home 10 years ago, due to inflation the cost to rebuild it will be much higher than R1 000 000.

    I am renting a house from my landlord; do I need to take out building insurance?

    Building insurance is usually taken out by the owner of the property as if the building was damaged or destroyed it would be the owner that would suffer the damages.

    I have my vehicle covered; can I add contents cover onto my existing policy?

    Yes you can, in fact adding on cover to your existing insurance policy will assist you in qualifying for a discount on your total premium. It is advisable to add your vehicle, building and contents cover onto one policy.

    Will I be covered for load shedding and power surge?

    The insurer will cover you for power surge with a very small limit, should you wish to increase that amount you need to inform us so we can get a quote for you. Please note that power surge cover can also be a bit expensive.

    What is an excess?

    An excess is the amount that you would pay each and every time you claim from your insurer.

    What will home contents cover, cover me for?

    -Fire, Lightning, explosion
    -Damage by acts of nature : Storm, wind, hail, snow, flooding etc
    -Theft /attempted theft cover (Subject to forcible and violent entry)
    -Damage and or impact by falling objects and or trees
    -Accidental/ Malicious damage (limited ,depending on the product)
    -Limited Subsidence and landslide cover (Please be aware that this cover is excluded for mining and industrial areas due to the high risk factor of processes which include the use of explosives)
    -Damage by leaking of oil from oil heaters
    -Damage by bursting, leaking or overflowing of geysers of water apparatus

    What is average?

    Average is the amount which the insurer will pay you in the case of you being under insured. For instance if your TV is valued at R15 000 but you have insured it for only R10 000, the insurer will pay you out less than what you insured the TV for. R10 000/ R15 000 * R10 000 /1 = R6 666. The insurer will only pay you R6 666 for the TV as you are under insured.

    What will happen if I am under-insured?

    The consequence of not having the correct replacement value for your contents could result in you being under- insured and the insurer will apply the average rule when you claim. This means that instead of the insurer paying out the correct replacement value, they will only pay out a portion of it depending on the value you were covered for.

    What can I do if I do not know what is the sum insured of all my contents?

    We have an inventory form which you can complete, this will assist you in ensuring that every single item that is in your home is accounted for and it will allow you to have a more accurate sum insured amount.

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    I am renting where I am staying, is it possible to take out home contents or do I need permission from my landlord?

    The contents cover in your house is owned by you and not your landlord and therefore in order to ensure that you are covered should anything happen to your contents it would be your responsibility to take out content cover.

    I have items in my home that I have for many years and do not have receipts for them like the TV and lounge set. How do I value these items?

    You need to take into the account the amount that you would have paid for the items and see how much you would pay for the exact item in today’s day and age. That would give you an indication of how much you would need to cover these items for.

    I would like to insure my Laptop and cell phone under my home contents, will that be possible?

    Because a laptop and cell phone can be carried out of your home and can be carried anywhere, they would be covered under All Risk cover. All risk cover is abit more expensive as it covers you anywhere in the world.

    What is Building Insurance

    Every day, your house is exposed to many potential risks, the effects of which can be devastating. We want to help you make sure your home is properly protected against unexpected events, such as a fire, explosion, storm, flood, lightning, burglary or theft. Building insurance covers the structures of your home and any fixtures or fittings that belong to you.

    What’s home contents insurance?

    Home content is everything in your house that you own. If you could take your house and turn it upside down, all the items that would fall out would form part of house contents cover.

    Am I covered for riots, strikes or civil unrest?

    South African Special Risks Insurance Association or better known as Sasria covers you for any accidental or intentional damage to your property caused by any person or group of people taking part in a riot, strike, public disorder or civil commotion or any act that has a political, social or economic aim to protest against any state or government. This cover is limited to things happening in South Africa.

    What is not covered by Sasria

    Sasria does not cover loss or damage caused by:
    * consequential or indirect means;
    * a stoppage or deliberate slowing down of work;
    * your property being disposed of or confiscated by any lawful authority; or
    * an act of terrorism involving the use or release or the threat thereof of any nuclear weapon or device or chemical or biological agent.

    The contact details for Sasria is as follows:
    Tel: 011 214 0800

    Why do I need insurance?

    Insurance helps you to protect your assets from financial loss. You will pay a premium to have cover on your assets, for example, your home contents, car, building, business, and life. There is various other types of insurance that you can get, for e.g. pet insurance, warranty, dent and scratch insurance.

    When purchasing a car, the finance house that is financing your vehicle requires a confirmation of cover insurance document. This document is generated only upon signing up with the insurance company.

    What is insurable interest?

    When insuring an asset the insurance company will want to establish that you have an insurable interest in the property, in other words, you must stand to suffer a direct financial loss if there is a claim.

    If I have my license for less than 1 year will it affect my premiums?

    The type of license you have obtained and the length of time that you have your license does indeed affect your insurance premiums.

    Insurance companies bases this on the fact that has time goes on from the date you got your license and the number of years you gain from your driving experience, this will reduce the risk to insurer, resulting in premium savings for you.

    The license you have also affect the premiums you pay in that if you have a B or EB license code, your premium will be less than a C1, EC or EC1 license as the C1, EC or EC1 is more geared towards larger vehicles than motor cars.

    Does ITC checks affect my premiums?

    Most insurance companies uses ITC score checks in order to calculate your premiums. The better your credit score rating , the better your premium will be. Without approval for the ITC check, insurers will decline to do insurance quotes.

    What does comprehensive insurance cover your for?

    Comprehensive insurance provides you for cover resulting only from accident, theft, hijacking, fire or explosion and natural disasters like flood and hail damage. The cover also includes damages to the windscreen , liability to other 3rd parties as a result of an accident, or damage from other 3rd parties to your asset. In other words limited car insurance is where the policy holder chooses to limit what they’re covered (i.e. not to have cover for all of the above).

    Please note there are also exclusions that is not covered for under the comprehensive insurance cover, for example on your vehicle, mechanical breakdown is not covered for. For a full listing please check your policy wording or email us at

    What are the factors that influence your car insurance premium?

    There are many factors that can affect your premiums; here is a list of some of the factors:

    * Age
    * Marital Status, being married is rated better than being single
    * ITC and background checks, your itc score and or blacklisting can influence the premiums
    * Type of car you drive, e.g. make of the car, high performance vehicles, colour of the vehicle
    * License Code and year you obtained your driver’s license

    * The number of years you have insurance
    * The number of years you have insurance and have not claimed
    * The number of claims and amounts you have claimed
    * The kind of security you have protecting your vehicle, e.g. tracking device, parked in a locked garage
    * The area you live in

    * The use of the vehicle, private or business use
    * Liquidated or Sequestrated, to be determined by each insurer, whether to accept or decline the policy
    * Working in private or government sector may influence the premium marginally
    * With pay as you drive technology, your hard braking or harsh accelerating can influence your premiums

    The above is some of the factors used to determine premium, for more information please send an email to

    Can I insure a stolen and recovered vehicle?

    Yes, you can, as long as the vehicle has its original identification numbers.

    Is it true that my marital status can affect my car insurance premium?

    Yes, according to statistics people who are married or co-habiting tend to have a lower risk than single people. This could be because single people tend to go out more than married individuals.

    Do you insure people under 25 years of age who drive high performance cars?

    Under 25 years of age are already considered high risk, driving a high performance vehicle can pose as an even bigger risk. Therefore some insurers will cover under 25’s with high performance vehicles while some might actually not.

    Do you insure vehicles that have been rebuilt?

    Some insurers will cover you for rebuilt vehicles however it might not be for the full retail value.

    If I get into an accident outside of South Africa, will my excess differ?

    Every insurer has a different set of additional excesses, some insurers have an additional excess that charges an extra excess for accidents outside the borders of South Africa. Please confirm your additional excesses in your policy schedule.

    My brother bought a car and I’m the regular driver. Can I insure the car or must he?

    Because your brother is the registered owner, he needs to insure the vehicle and he needs to make you the regular driver on the policy.

    Is my car covered if a friend’s driving it and it’s in an accident?

    If you have an open driver policy, your friend has a valid driver’s license and you have given your friend permission to drive the vehicle then yes we would entertain the claim provided that you have a valid claim and the policy conditions are met.

    Does the model of the car make a difference to the insurance?

    Yes, your premium is highly dependent on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

    How do I differentiate between ‘private’ and ‘business’ use?

    Private use is using the vehicle to go to work and home and for social and leisure purposes, whereas business use would be using your vehicle to visit clients on a frequent basis.

    What’s the difference between ‘retail’ and ‘market’ value?

    Retail is the value that a dealer would sell a vehicle to you for, dependent on its age, mileage and condition. The retail value is the higher amount between retail and market. Market value is the agreed value between a willing buyer and a willing seller and is usually lower than the retail value of your vehicle.

    Do insurers insure older vehicles?

    Yes, most insurers cover older vehicles up to 20 or 30 years old, as long as they are in working condition. Any vintage vehicles require a valuation certificate and will be covered under an agreed value.

    Is it possible to extend the use of a rental car, if the vehicle is still not fixed when the car rental period expires?

    Yes, it will be possible to extend the car hire with the car hire company directly, please note that this will however result in you being charged for the extra days of car hire as your insurer will only cover you up to the amount of days as specified in your policy.

    I have comprehensive cover and my car doesn’t start. I suspect it’s the battery. Can you assist me with this problem?

    Yes we will be able to assist you as your cover includes road side emergency assistance and tow away services. You are welcome to contact us to assist you.

    I might be selling my car, which I insured with your insurer in January 2012, can I cancel the policy and what are the pros and cons of doing this?

    You are welcome to contact us should you be selling your vehicle, however if you are purchasing another vehicle we can do a replacement on your policy without cancelling your policy. This will ensure that you don’t incur any break in insurance.

    I am going to Botswana for the weekend. Is my car covered in the case of a claim?

    Yes, your vehicle will be covered if you are using the vehicle for private use. Please note that you would need to call us and provide us with your departing and returning dates so we can organize a cross border letter for you.

    What vehicle tracking companies does your insurer support?

    Our insurers work with almost all tracking companies registered in South Africa, however dependent on the requirement of the type of device required for your vehicle, you may be limited to specific insurers only. You welcome to contact us so we can assist you further.

    If I take an advanced driving course will this affect my premium If so, how?

    Unfortunately taking an advanced driving course will not affect or decrease your premium however based on your advanced driving and ensuring you have no claims, we would be able to negotiate better rates for you at renewal stages.

    Do you cover any mechanical and/or electrical repairs on a car?

    No there is no cover for mechanical or electrical repairs under your comprehensive insurance, however many insurers offer motor warranty cover which can be taken as a value added product at an extra cost. Contact us if you would like to receive a quote.

    What kind of luxury car do you rent for your customers as courtesy cars?

    When adding vehicle hire onto your policy, you have an option of choosing the class of courtesy vehicle you would prefer. Dependent on your needs, the rental companies will be able to supply with a luxury vehicle provided that you have chosen the correct class. Please note that there is an extra cost for car hire and also the class you choose.

    If petrol instead of diesel was put in a car, does the insurance cover the damages?

    The garage should be held responsible for incorrectly filling the incorrect petroleum. We would need to assess each case dependent on the each individual case and you should contact your claims department to assist further.

    I have heard that there’s insurance that pays the outstanding amount on your finance agreement should your car be written-off and the insured value your insurer pays to settle a claim is less than the outstanding amount Is this true?

    Yes that is true; this type of top up cover is called Credit Shortfall. Please take note that credit shortfall is not automatically covered and needs to be added on at an extra cost. In the case of your vehicle being a write off or stolen, the insurer will request for the full settlement amount and if you have included credit shortfall cover then the full settlement will be paid over to the finance house.

    Why does my premium increase every year even though the value of my car is depreciating?

    Even though the value of your vehicle is decreasing, the costs to repair your vehicle and parts for your vehicle are increasing yearly in line with inflation; therefore the premium has to increase to cater for the increase. We also take your claims history into account and every time you lodge a claim it will affect your premium increase.

    I have a 4×4. If I want to use it off road is the premium higher than if I don’t?

    There’s no higher premium or special condition if you are using your 4×4 off road however, it’s important that you’re not reckless or negligent as this could lead to a claim being repudiated.


    Is the 3rd party also insured, If I were to drive into another vehicle, would my insurance pay for repairs on the other vehicle as well as mine?

    Comprehensive car insurance includes accident, theft and high jacking, fire and 3rd party cover. As long as you have a valid claim and liability is determined as you being liable for the damages then the 3rd party claim will be entertained. Your insurer may also recover liability from the 3rd party on your behalf if liability lies with the 3rd party

    Can my age affect my premium, specifically if I’m a young driver?

    Yes, unfortunately it has been statistically shown that young drivers are more prone to meeting up in accidents. Therefore insurance has been designed where the older you become the less your risk becomes and therefore you would pay a cheaper premium. Insurers therefore have a sliding scale and the older you become; the more your risk reduces thus reducing your premium as the years go by.

    Why do I need to take my vehicle for inspection?

    A vehicle inspection is done to ensure that a thorough analysis on the whole vehicle is done. This is to eliminate any previous damage on the vehicle and to ensure that the car is in good, excellent shape. It will also allow us to determine if there are any non-standard accessories which need to be noted to ensure that you are adequately covered.

    What should I do after completing the online will?

    An email with instructions will be sent to the email address provided

    Please review, print and sign the will

    If you’ve nominated our partner insurer as the Trust company as the executor of your estate, you will need to make arrangements for the original printed and signed copy to be sent to them for safe storage in their  vault at a nominal annual fee of under R60 (fee subject to change). Please call us to arrange assistance so your original will is sent to them for safe keeping. Your original signed will is what is needed to carry out your instructions. If we have assisted with the drafting of your will we will ensure that the will is sent to them and will provide proof of the same.

    We suggest that you keep copies with you and let your family know where this is kept. If we have been appointed as your Financial Advisor, we will regularly remind you to review your will and make changes as your needs change.

    If you’ve nominated another party as executor, we strongly advise that you ensure that your will is safely stored and that the party you have nominated as executor is informed of this.

    What if I have questions or want to make changes?

    If you or your beneficiaries have any queries or would like to make changes to the will, please contact us.

    What if I need a Shariah will?

    The content of a Shariah will is fixed and complies with Muslim or Islamic laws. If you would like to compile a Shariah will please contact us.

    Are there any costs involved?

    Should you choose to draft a will with us, our Trust partner will act as the expert executor of your estate and a nominal annual fee of under R60 will be charged. This fee covers the administration costs and safe keeping of your will in a vault. Please note: If you are 65 or older, this fee will not apply to you and we will provide these services free of charge.

    You will also get:

    Expert management of your estate and any testamentary trusts
    A 5% discount on executor’s fees (terms and conditions apply)
    Safe storage of your will in a vault
    Free revision of your will on request
    A free living will on request. A living will allows you to detail your desires regarding medical treatment when you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious and no longer able to express informed consent, making things easier for your family.

    How do I nominate an executor?

    The appointment of an executor is a big responsibility. You may appoint your spouse, but this is in most cases not a good idea, since your spouse could be emotionally shattered and not ready to take important financial decisions.

    Without the necessary knowledge, your spouse will also not know where to get the best advice or service. Your spouse may be exposed to someone serving his own interests, in which case the estate’s funds might end up in the wrong hands.

    Approaching a reputable company or section of a company specialising in wills, estates and trusts is a much safer idea:

    You will enjoy the benefits of specialised experience and knowledge
    Your estate will be handled deftly and professionally and you are ensured of objective advice
    You enjoy complete security through internal control
    Sophisticated computer systems ensure top quality service
    We are partnered up with one of the best trust company in South Africa, so you will get expert management of deceased solvent estates and living and testamentary trusts.

    What is an executor?

    The executor of your estate must administer your estate in terms of the Administration of Estates Act 66 of 1965, and any other relevant Acts, and execute your estate in accordance with the stipulations of your will (or Intestate Succession Act, when applicable) under supervision of the Master of the High Court. An executor ensures that all debt enforceable against your estate, as well as the necessary tax and administration costs, are paid, and that what remains of your estate is distributed according to the terms of your will.

    The executor is the company, firm or person that you appointed in your will. If you choose to draft an online will, we will automatically allocate a Sanlam executor to your estate.

    What if my will is complex?

    If you suspect that your will might be more complicated (for instance because there are children from a previous marriage, complex business arrangements and specific wishes), then it is best to contact us.

    Why do I need a will?

    If a person dies without a will, it could lead to severe administrative, tax and legal problems and possibly also lead to financial losses.

    In your will, you determine how your assets should be divided, and nominate an executor and trustee to take care of the division of the estate’s assets and to handle the administration of any trust assets.

    You have the right to name heirs as you wish in your will. If you don’t, your assets will be divided according to the Intestate Succession Act, No 81 of 1987, after your death. This could mean that persons you would have preferred not inherit from you, could inherit.

    Your will therefore determines the future of everything that you’ve built up through the years – and your heirs can be directly disadvantaged if you don’t plan correctly. Estate duty, income tax, VAT and capital gains tax (CGT) can take a big chunk out of your estate if your planning is incorrect.

    Benefits of using a Broker

    What’s the need for a Broker…great question? Here is some valuable factual information you should consider in order to make an informed decision.

    Some advantages of having a Broker:

    * Cost Savings – our reputation and technical skill allow us to get preferential rates from our insurer partners.
    * Peace of Mind – you will have comfort in knowing that your valuables are adequately covered, whilst paying a competitive premium.
    * Personal Service – from comparing and shopping around for quotes, to a “hassle free” claims process. We will do all the running around,
    with the least amount of inconvenience to you.
    * Specialist Expertise – would you fight a legal battle without a lawyer or manage your company’s finances without an accountant?
    So why then purchase insurance without adequate advice from product specialists with years of experience?
    * Policy maintenance – we will maintain your policy details by informing your insurer timeously of any changes that you need. From changing your personal details to adding another vehicle to organising a cross border letter when you traveling outside the border of S.A.

    * Annual Reviews – we will negotiate your annual increases and ensure that your basic excess if still affordable before your annual review comes up.

    These are just some of the benefits of having us as your Broker.

    Should you need additional information, type :”call me” and one of our consultants will gladly assist with any other questions you may…

    Can my premium stay the same if I choose not to increase my benefit?

    Yes, you can guarantee your premium and benefit amount for a specific period. Example 10 years. After the 10 years have expired, your premium will be reviewed, and the premium may change.

    Does my cover amount increase yearly?

    You have the option of deciding whether you would like a benefit increase yearly or not. A financial advisor will be able to assist you at best, dependent on your needs.

    What will happen if I don’t pay my premium?

    Not paying your premium will result in a double debit the next month and if it is also unsuccessful this will result in the policy lapsing / cancelling. Your cover will end.

    Will I get anything back if I do not claim for a long period of time?

    There are cash back options that is offered on our products at an additional charge, our advisors will be able to discuss these benefits better with you. Some of our insurer partners, in addition to cashbacks have loyalty rewards that result in you receiving cash lumpsums for keeping your policy active and for not claiming.

    How would I know what cover is right for me?

    Based on your needs and your lifestyle, our qualified financial advisors will be able to take you through the entire process to determine the cover needed to suit your specific needs best. Also you can make use of our cover calculators when completing the life questionnaire which also guides you on how much cover you may need.

    Is Life cover offered as a standalone benefit?

    Yes, Life cover can be taken as a stand alone, you do not need to take any other cover with it to get life cover. In fact, most insurers offer all the benefits as a standalone benefit.

    What is the minimum and maximum cover amount for Severe Illness?

    Dependent on the insurer, but most work within a range of a Minimum R50 000 and Maximum R6 million.

    What is the lumpsum minimum and maximum cover amount for Disability?

    Dependent on the insurer, but most work within a range of a Minimum R50 000 and Maximum R35 million.

    What is the minimum and maximum cover amount for Life cover?

    Dependent on the insurer, but most work within a range of a Minimum R150 000 with no maximum, however anything over R7 million will require financial underwriting.

    What is the minimum and maximum entry age for Severe Illness Cover?

    Dependent on the insurer, but most work within a range of a Minimum 15 and Maximum 62 years.

    What is the minimum and maximum entry age for Disability Cover?

    Dependent on the insurer, but most work within a range of a Minimum 15 and Maximum 62 years.

    What is the minimum and maximum entry age for Life Cover?

    Dependent on the insurer, but most work within a range of a Minimum 15 years and Maximum 62 years.

    Is there any waiting period for suicide?

    Yes, there is a 2 year waiting period for suicide, if a suicide happens before 2 years there will be no cover.

    What is Severe Illness cover?

    This type of cover will cover you in the event of you being diagnosed with a terminal illness eg cancer, heart attack etc. The benefit will pay out dependent on the severity of the illness and this will assist in covering extra medical costs and paying off debt in the event that you are not able to work anymore.

    What is Disability Cover?

    This is cover which you would take out in the event of becoming permanently disabled. The insurer will pay a lump sum benefit to you, where your claim is approved. This will allow you to make necessary renovations as a result of your disability. E.g. for moving around in a wheel chair and also to assist in paying off your outstanding debt.

    Do I only need life cover?

    There are many other covers which can be taken with life cover. Cover like disability cover and severe illness cover is also usually taken out together with life cover.

    Do I need to go for medicals?

    Yes, the insurers we work with will require you to go for medicals and you will have underwriting done prior to putting the policy in place. This will ensure an easier process at the time of a claim. The cost of the medicals will be paid by the insurer. You can consider it as a free medical check up.

    What is the difference between funeral cover and life cover?

    Funeral cover insures you for when your death occurs and funeral services needs to be arranged, the funeral cover will cover the expenses/costs needed for the funeral.

    Life cover is to secure the financial well being of your loved ones in the event of your death.

    I have life cover through my employer, is that enough?

    Some companies pay death in service benefits, if you die while you are still employed and is usually 2 or 3 times your annual salary. If you leave this employer these benefits fall away. A Financial Advisor will be able to identify through the process of a needs analysis, if the life cover with your employer is adequate or not based on your specific needs.

    How does Life cover work?

    When you die, your beneficiary receives a tax-free, once off lumpsum payment, dependent on the cover amount you chose.

    How much will I pay per month for life cover?

    Your premium is determined by your age, risk profile (i.e. health, smoker status, etc.) and the amount of cover your require.

    What covers do I need to consider?

    *Income protection against dying or being disabled;

    * Goal savings. This will include all your financial goals, whether short or long term;

    * Retirement savings. This should be treated separately from your other financial goals because of its importance; and
    * Health assurance. Your medical scheme as well as hospital and chronic disease cover must be measured to see if they meet your needs.

    The question is – how much money can you allocate to each of the above, and what will this buy you?

    The best place to start is with how much risk assurance you need against dying or being disabled.

    When you decide how much risk assurance you need, you must take the following into account:

    * What you will need if you become disabled;
    * Whether you have dependants, how many, and what their needs will be if you die or become disabled;
    * Your assets. The more assets you have, the less you need in assurance. If you are wealthy, you do not need as much risk assurance as someone with low accumulated wealth but a high income;
    * Your liabilities. What happens to your debts if you die or are disabled? The more money you owe, the more risk assurance you will probably need, and the greater the necessity for a properly constructed and targeted savings and investment plan;
    * Your income and spending: Your current and future income and spending will determine the design of your financial plan, allowing you to decide on risk and/or investment priorities and what you can leave until later when you are earning more.
    * Your health. If you are healthy, you can take a greater chance of meeting your risks through your income than someone who is unhealthy;
    * Your current risk cover. Assess your current cover for death and disability to see if you have too much or too little, bearing in mind any benefits you will receive from a retirement saving plan, whether it is employer sponsored or attached to a retirement annuity; and time period. You need to break your risk insurance into different periods. For example, you do not need life insurance to cover the education of children until you are 70.

    When assessing your life insurance needs, remember that you should aim to leave your dependants an adequate amount of money. Rather than leaving them immensely wealthy, you should use as much as possible to improve your wealth, particularly for your retirement.

    What is a Financial Needs Calculator

    A financial needs calculator (analysis) is the foundation of your financial plan. Unless you have established your needs and goals your plan will be flawed.

    The first step towards getting your finances in order and being able to meet your financial goals is a properly constructed financial plan. This does not mean sitting down and drawing up a wish list. It means properly analysing your current financial position, your financial needs and wants, and how you plan to achieve your financial goals.

    The best way to do this is by having one of our experienced financial advisors carry out a financial needs analysis on your current position. This is not a simple calculation, but a very thorough investigation of your financial affairs.

    Before we schedule a meeting with you, either face-to-face or a MS Teams or Zoom meeting, you should prepare some documents. These are:

    1. A budget setting out how much you earn each month, how much you spend, and what you spend your money on

    2. A balance sheet showing what you own (your assets) and what you owe (your liabilities); and

    3. Your goals, which should distinguish between those that you need to achieve, such as ensuring your defendants can survive without you, and those you simply want, such as a trip around the world. Your goals should also be categorised as:

    • short-term goals – building an emergency fund, paying off debt or saving for a deposit on a home
    • medium-term goals – paying off the bond on your home or saving for the education of your children
    • long-term goals – saving for a financially secure retirement

    This information will provide us with the cornerstone of your financial plan. The key to the success of any financial plan is to know what you need and how much you can afford. The affordability of any plan is essential.

    It is unlikely that you will have sufficient money to meet all your needs and wants. A financial plan is all about balancing your needs and wants and prioritising what is really important.

    A financial needs analysis is not something you do once and find all the solutions to your problems. You need to have a financial needs analysis done on a regular basis, particularly when your circumstances change. The following are prime occasions for a needs analysis:

    If you have not had one done in the past five years:

    • When you get married
    • When you have children
    • When you have been divorced
    • When you have lost a spouse
    • When you are about to retire
    • When you have started your own business

    How much life cover do I need?

    Your cover amount will depend on your specific needs. To get an estimate of what cover amount you need, consider some of the following:- If something happened to you today, what financial debt would you like to be paid off, so your family is not burdened with these during an already difficult time.

    Outstanding debt amounts (Home Loans, Car, Credit Card Debts, etc.)
    Cost of educational needs for your dependents (Consider their age, the cost of schooling/tertiary education x the number of years left)
    Other family needs (Spouse, Parents, Other financial dependent, etc.)

    The total of all of the above values should give you some indication of the cover amount needed.

    NB – don’t over insure. Your cover amount must meet your financial responsibilities but also be affordable. Most insurers will request for financial underwriting to verify covers that exceed certain amounts.

    Want Life Insurance, here’s how

    With the pandemic ripping through our country, on and off, first wave, second, third, we have had numerous clients contacting us to assist in revaluating their financial wellbeing.

    Getting life cover need not be complicated. At XINIX, we have in fact transformed the process with a hybrid version of both online questionnaires and face-to-face / Zoom or MS Teams online meetings.

    What you will find here, is transparency and a user-friendly process that will make taking out life insurance straight forward and easy, BUT still with the added advantage of skilled, qualified, and competent financial advisors who will hold your hand through the process.

    So, here’s how it works:
    Step 1
    Complete the online questions

    Step 2
    Download the consent letter, sign, and return to

    Step 3
    A qualified financial advisor will personally call you to set up, either a face to face or online meeting.

    Step 4
    At the meeting or before, it all depends on you, the advisor will get to know you better, answer your questions and do a financial needs analysis using your completed questionnaire as a guideline. You will have view on some quotes prepared.

    Step 5
    We will give each other time to action anything that needs to be done and a follow up meeting will be scheduled.

    Step 6
    We look forward to becoming family, partnering to service you as we navigate life together.

    Life Insurance 101

    Life Insurance shouldn’t be complicated.

    But in today’s competitive markets there are so many options to choose from.

    At XINIX we strive to make insurance products as easy to understand as possible. So, if you are currently considering any long-term insurance products we have available, here is some FAQs to help you understand this a little better.

    So where to begin?
    Above is our easy to use life insurance form, why not try it to get a sense of what your long term insurance needs might be and what we require in order to get you going?