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Oct 15, 2020 | Insurance

Is Cellphone Insurance A Wise Choice?


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Has Your Cellphone Seriously Been Water Damaged? Dropped, Cracked Or Worst Stolen!!

I’m sure you can relate to having experienced at least one of these scenarios.

Its is for this very reason that cell phone insurance as part of your larger insurance policy needs to, at the very least, be considered.

Mobile phones, particularly the popular smartphones of today, are very expensive items.

Most of the the time, in the event of damaging, losing, or having these devices stolen, we still end up begrudgingly paying monthly fees, despite no longer still owning or using the phone.

These unplanned incidents can seriously eat into your monthly budget, unless of course, you do plan for the likelihood of these situations by making sure you have enough money to self insure.

But, let’s face it!! Most of us don’t save so cellphone insurance is another alternative to ensuring some “peace of mind”.

It is also important to note that most insurance companies do not offer stand alone cell phone insurance, so it will need to be linked to your car or household insurance policy.

Items that are “out and about” as you are, are categorised as All Risk items on your insurance policy. Expensive items, like, Cellphones, Laptops, Sunglasses, Jewelry, Watches, IPADS, etc. 

But Surely My Warranty Protects Me!!

While most new phones will come with a 24-month warranty, that warranty usually does not cover theft, loss or any serious damage caused by the user.

So while insurance may seem expensive at times, consider having to pay for an exact replacement phone out of your own pocket. Would you be able to afford it while still paying your outstanding instalments on your lost or damaged phone?

Of the many types of insurance covers around, the cellphone insurance South Africa has to offer is probably more popular than most other countries around the world.

This is based largely on our high crime rates, especially with smartphones being listed among the most stolen items around, thanks in main to their small size and relatively easy resale value.

At the end of the day, if you’re not much of a socialite or you you hardly leave your home or office, then cell phone insurance would not be worth your while. 

However, if, like most of South Africa, you are always on the go, your mind needing to be in more than one place at once, then the reality is that both accidents or theft involving your mobile phone are a fair possibility.

In that case, cell phone insurance could end up saving you a whole lot of disappointment should you ever suffer this inconvenience.

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